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Get Your Beach on !

We list the hard to find beaches on Camano Island.  Click here to check them out !

Best spots for bird watching !

For all you bird lovers out there, we list two hard to find spots on Camano Island to bird watch.  So grab your favorite camera and take those amazing shots !

Don't miss these hot spots on your drive around the Island !

You will miss these places in a blink of an eye !  We list some local spots that are a must see as you drive around the island !

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Friends of Camano Island
Camano Island Shelter Association
Freedom Park Association

Camano Island Community Links

Citizens for Stanwood Camano Schools

The citizens for Stanwood Camano Schools Facebook page has a wealth of information for local citizens.  Information on school levys, volunteer programs, and upcomings school functions are a small part of what this community page is all about.  Be involved in your local community by joining this facebook page !  Click here < Stanwood Camano Schools >

Camano Island Community Watch

Local community watch Facebook page for Camano Island residents.  Get recent local news on crime and safety information from local citizens. Click here < Camano Island Community Watch >

Stanwood Camano School district

School district information on school closures, news, school board, teaching and learning, families and students community and calenders. Click here < Stanwood Camano School District >

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News for Camano Island and surrounding areas

Camano Island Fishing information

Local tidal information and weather