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Freedom Park

500 E. North Camano Dr., Camano Island, Wa 98282


Open from Dusk to Dawn

Park Rules

-Use playground at your own risk

-Use only under adult supervision

-No food or drink in playground

-No pets in playground

-Please use trash receptacles

-No bare feet

-No smoking

-Play safe and be courteous to others


Freedom Park is a public park for locals and tourists.  This amazing wooden playground, built in 5 days by 1,000 volunteers, is visible from the highway, and kids will begging you to stop the car to play. While parents relax under the covered picnic area, kids will be busy on the climbing wall, slides, Viking ship, rings, instrument area and much more. There are play areas for both older and younger kids.  Included in this park is memorial for the Pearl Harbor survivors association along with some local art structures.  The Pearl Harbor Memorial is dedicated to all of those who serve the causes of freedom and peace.